Hong Kong-ASEAN Foundation announces the ASEAN FILM FESTIVAL 2023 to foster cross-cultural understanding and exchange

14 specially curated films of varied genres by top Southeast Asian filmmakers will screen in Hong Kong from 4-19 August

Press Release | Posted: 31 July 2023 | Hong Kong

Hong Kong-ASEAN Foundation announces the ASEAN FILM FESTIVAL 2023 to foster cross-cultural understanding and exchange

Hong Kong-ASEAN Foundation (HKAF) is delighted to announce the inaugural ASEAN FILM FESTIVAL (AFF) set to take place from 4-19 August 2023 in Hong Kong. The festival, which is a non-profit initiative, has been made possible through the close collaboration between HKAF and the Consulate General Offices of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Hong Kong and many supporting partners. Co-presented by M+ and Asia Society Hong Kong Center (Asia Society), the festival will screen a curated selection of films by some of Southeast Asia’s most eminent filmmakers at venues including M+ Cinema, Miller Theater at Asia Society and the sky (Olympian City).

Through the art of storytelling in films, AFF seeks to foster deeper cross-cultural understanding by sharing the beauty and diversity of ASEAN cultures and customs with Hong Kong audiences. Over 600 Hong Kong local students and youths, together with ASEAN students in Hong Kong, will be invited to the 21 film screenings during the 2-week period. Sharing sessions by invited directors and cast members will take place to enliven and enrich the experience.  

“ASEAN FILM FESTIVAL is a platform to elevate cross-cultural awareness in the community, especially among the younger generation. Given how hot the weather has been, I think the young people will enjoy spending time in a cool theatre and learning about Southeast Asia through its films. I would like to especially thank the Consul Generals of ASEAN and other partners, including Asia Society, M+, the sky (Olympian City), Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Invest Hong Kong, and Our Hong Kong Foundation, for making this inaugural ASEAN Film Festival possible in Hong Kong,” says Mr. Daryl Ng, Chairman of HK-ASEAN Foundation. “HKAF aims at promoting mutual understanding between Hong Kong and the ASEAN, and to deepen cultural and economic ties between the two areas. We sincerely hope that this festival can encourage two-way collaboration and co-creation of shared content.” 

Bringing a thriving ASEAN film industry to Hong Kong

Many prominent directors and artists from ASEAN have won awards and accolades all around the world for their creativity and unique storytelling approach. From heartwarming dramas to thrilling horror films, the region's filmmakers have made significant contributions to the global film scene.

Hong Kong has been recognised as a hub for the Asian film industry and is known for its rich history and unique films. Over the years, the HKSAR government has actively promoted and boosted the local creative industries and encouraged co-productions between filmmakers from Hong Kong and other Asian countries through initiatives and funds. With the support of the government departments, leading organisations and industry players, AFF aims to further the HKSAR government’s efforts by bringing ASEAN creative talent into the spotlight.

The selected films featured in the AFF programme are from award-winning directors of the various nations and offer a glimpse into the diverse culture and rich heritage of the country they represent. These include: 

  • Before, Now and Then by Indonesian director Kamila Andini
  • Anwar: The Untold Story by Malaysian Executive Producer Zunar @ Zulkiflee B Anwarul Haque
  • The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra by Thai directors Nat Yoswatananont and Gun Phansuwon
  • White Building by Cambodian director Kavich Neang 
  • The Diam Diam Era 2 by Singaporean director Jack Neo

Tickets for the public screenings are available online through the M+ Cinema and the sky (Olympian City)  websites.